The Peter Mac Show is dedicated to the cause of freedom for everyone. Simply put, freedom exists in a society when all actions among people are voluntary. I will live my life as I want and you live yours, as long as we don't transgress one another's rights. The most systematic and pervasive violations of freedom, however, come from government at all levels and in virtually all countries, not from everyday people. Today, in what was supposed to be the Land of Liberty, one can hardly start a business, enter into voluntary agreements with others, seek medical help, or make financial transactions without government intrusion. Those in power claim the moral authority to tax by stealing half or more of the fruits of our labor and imprisoning those who challenge the government on the basis of its own laws. Young men and women are slaughtered across the globe in the tragically misguided belief that they are defending freedom at home. The antidote to tyranny is knowledge and acting with courage to defend our most basic rights: life, liberty, and property.