More on the Giffords' shooting. Spreading the voluntaryist message, getting others to reconsider fundamental beliefs.

Peter's guest is Marc Stevens, author of Adventures in Legal Land.

Peter McCandless: Government solutions vs. Market solutions; do gov't employees do bad things because they are just misled or do they have evil intentions? Terry Lakin, Richard Simkanin, David L. Jarvis, John J. McBryde,

Bill Buppert discusses the negative baggage of the word "anarchy", military vs. militia, the evil of obedience to authority, the non-aggression principle, the definition of "terrorism", the costs of war.

Larken Rose discusses a bit about his new book, aspects of voluntary society, and the hang ups in people's minds which cause them to believe in government.

Licensure Pros & Cons

What is a "civilized society"?

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Peter asks whether government is necessary. A caller responds. Webmaster Kurt calls in to try and make a rebuttal to the caller's comments.

Peter's guest once again is Kel Kelly, author of The Case for Legalizing Capitalism. More discussion of government regulation vs. free markets.